Hettich Warranty Information


SH Hybrid warrants the original purchaser of Hettich hardware against manufacturing defects for as long as the original purchaser owns the product. This lifetime warranty applies to all hinges, runners, slides, metal drawer systems and sliding and folding hardware under Hettich brand supplied from the company.

This is specially prepared to inform and underwrite the lifetime warranty policy for every purchased Hettich products from SH Hybrid. SH Hybrid will provide replacement products for the faulty hardware only and is limited to all hinges, runners, slides and metal drawer systems and sliding and folding hardware sold.

SH Hybrid does not warrant products which have been incorrectly installed, exposed to loads in excess of specifications, abused or used for purposes other than that for which they are intended. SH Hybrid will not be liable for any consequential or incidental damages resulting from or contributed to by the use, installation, performance or failure of our products.

Thank you for your trust and attention.

To enquire/make a claim, kindly contact our office on +607 5099 789 where our customer service team will advise on the appropriate course of action. Our professional technical team is also ready to provide onsite technical support service* to address any Hettich products related issues encountered.

*A nominal charge will be incurred if the issue isn’t within SH Hybrid’s scope of responsibilities.

Thank you once again.