SlideLine 55


  • Product Product Type : for wooden doors
  • Product System : 2-track, bottom running sliding door system
  • Product System : Can be fitted with adaptive Silent System
  • Product Door Position : Inset door position
  • Product Door weight : up to 15kg with plastic profile
  • Product Door weight : up to 30kg with aluminium profile
  • Product Door Height : max. 700mm-1500mm
  • Product Door Widths : 400-800mm
  • Product Door thickness mm : 19mm
  • Product Height adjustment : ± 1mm
Category: Product ID: 642


  • Leaves no margin of doubt with its ease of installation in everyday use
  • SlideLine 55 system leave no margin of doubt with it’s straightforward handling in everyday use. The System is particularly versatile. Light doors weighing up to 15kg run in plastic profiles. Aluminium profiles are used for heavier doors up to 30kg.


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